Smart Draw 1D-01

The SmartDraw 1D-01 is single chamber lotto draw machine,it is a semiautomatic machine, it is available in Automatic and interactive operating modes,all functions are controlled by a microprocessor which allows all drawing parameters to be easily adjusted.

Operational Features:
Available in interactive or automatic operation.
Microprocessor enables adaptation to individual requirements/game formulas:
Mixing duration.
Number of balls selected.
Timed interval between selected balls.

About Mixing Chamber:
Constructed of clear acrylic for complete transparency.

About Base Cabinet:
Constructed of 2mm cabinet steel plate.
Lockable access door at the rear of cabinet.
Lockable swivel casters to prevent rolling and swiveling.

About Electrical Specifications:
Available in 220-240v 50Hz electrical power.

About Overall Specifications:
Overall Height:150cm
Overall Width:60cm
Overall Depth:55cm
Mixing Chamber Diameter:45cm
Game Ball Diameter:40mm
Preview Capacity 90 Balls
Unit Weight:80kg

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